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This plucky UK brand goes toe-to-toe with Apple…
Sonix7 Nuts Magazine Review
…thanks to this 16GB media player. And it’s no slouch! (Nuts Magazine 29/05/09) More here…

Sonix7 Media Pro: the best of British! Sonix7 Channel Five Review
Break out the bunting, the very British Sonix7 Media Pro is here! Afternoon tea. Cricket. The Queen. Are you feeling patriotic yet? Well you can add to that list the Sonix7 Media Pro.. More here

‘Made in Britain’ PMP takes on California-designed, China-made iPod Nano Sonix7 Rehardware Review
When a small firm launches a portable media player to take on Apple’s mighty iPod Nano, it had better ensure there’s a unique selling point. More here
Brit-made media player takes on Apple Sonix7 Techradar Review
Sonix7 Media Pro gives iPod nano run for its money…
A small British company has announced the arrival of its new PMP and is claiming the gadget has enough firepower to outflank Apple’s miniature range. More here

Sonix7 Media Pro tangles with the PMP giants Sonix7 Engadget Review
We’ll be honest — there’s a decent chance you’ll never experience the joy of handling a Sonix7 Media Pro in your time here on Earth, but it’s still worth looking at just to show that the Apples, Microsofts and Meizus of the world haven’t scared us all away just yet. More here

The Sonix7 Media Pro is not yet another run-of-the-mill portable media player Sonix7 Engadget Review
…as it comes with 3.2″ of touchscreen goodness alongside a long-lasting battery life to boot. Made in Britain, you can be sure of its solid build quality, costing less than an iPod nano… More here

A better way to watch your favourite videos and movies… Sonix7 Technotalks Review
Are you in search of a Portable Media Player with a battery that lasts usually longer? Your search for such ends here with the Sonix7 Media Pro PMP. It is a better way to watch your favourite videos and movies or listen to your favourite play lists with capability of storing up to 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos and 60 hours video. More here
PMP with impressively long Battery Life – The Sonix7 Media Pro Sonix7 Techchee Review
Here comes the Sonix7 Media Pro, a PMP that has impressively long battery life that can last up to 20 hours. The Sonix7 Media pro comes equipped with 3.2-inch touchscreen display and a single charge allows its battery to last for up to 20 hours of playback of audio and video.More here
The Sonix7 Media Pro isn’t just any old generic PMP Sonix7 Electricpig Review
it’s a 3.2 inch touchscreener with an immense battery life, and it’s made right here in Britain! Now there is the Sonix7 Media Pro. This one PMP has an outstanding feature: a very long battery life. How many other PMPs have 20 hours of video playback (30 hours of audio) on a single charge? Not only that, but it has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with an “easy to use animated menu”. More here
The Sonix7 is an original product built right here in the UK SOnix7 Gizmotron Review
…it brings you a full set of features that will leave your money well spent. More here

This one PMP has an outstanding feature Sonix7 Coolest Gadgets Review
…a very long battery life. How many other PMPs have 20 hours of video playback (30 hours of audio) on a single charge? More here

Finally a British company has released a new great Sonix 7 PMP (Portable Media Player) Sonix7 Best Mp3 Player Review
More here
Sonix7 Media Pro is a new PMP Sonix7 Hardwaresphere Review
… Portable Media Player that have a battery lifespan of 20 hours a charge! It’s mind blowing, and it has a big 3.2-inch screen for your viewing purpose. More here
UK company, Sonix7 has announced quite nice and easy to use portable media players Sonix7 Gadget Folder Review
According to a press release, the company is proud that their device is more affordable than the American manufacturers (such as with Apple) the price and it has the European origin. More here
An amazingly large and bright… Sonix7 Tip and Tricks Review
3.2 inch TFT screen, which is 77% wider than the Apple iPod Nano! More here
Sonix7 Media Player outdoes the Apple iPod Nano! Sonix7 Newlaunches Review
Well, this fantastic MP4 player has come out of the genius of British hands and proves to be a plain old Goliath when help in comparison to the next best thing, our very own Apple iPod Nano! More here