What are your terms & conditions? Do I get a UK guarantee?
In addition to our 12 month warranty. We also provide a 7 day 100% satisfaction guarantee with full refund check out our terms & conditions here.

What’s the postage cost?
All players are shipped at £4.99 Royal mail Special Delivery. All orders received by 3pm shipped same day from the UK (Mon-Fri).

Can I pay with my credit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards via Google Checkout or PayPal secure services. You can also create an account with either company for added peace of mind and security with your online shopping.

How long does it take to charge?
The battery on these player needs to be charged for at least 6 hours before first use. For normal use the battery is 80% charged in 2 hours and fully charged in 4 hours.

How do I uses the Touch Screen?
The touch screen works best when using the tip of the finger (so the nail touches) and just requires a light touch, but does not work well when using the flat part of the finger, then a lot of pressure is required.

Force closure of programmes & crashing…
One of the main reasons for this too many applications open at the same time, and the tablet does not have enough memory to cope. Even when we stop using an app, it can remain open.

In Settings / Applications / Running Applications, you can see the apps that are still open, and then close them from there.
This should ensure the smooth running of the tablet. Now, like all PCs tablets can also crash or freeze. There is re-set hole on the back of the tablet, and pressing this, should turn off / restart the tablet instantly.

Connecting to the TV via HDMI…
first go to Settings / Sound & Display / Output Select / (select) HDMI. Then go to Settings / Sound & Display / HDMI Setting, and select the most suitable resolution (usually it will auto detect).

How do I add my music & video files?
Simply connect the player to your PC via the USB cable provided and drag & drop your MP3, AVI and JPEG files onto the player (it acts like an external drive). On the CD is conversion software for the supported AVI Divex video format. NB the player will also charge when connected via USB.

How Can I Convert My CD Collection to MP3s?
Here’s a great application to do just this: http://www.eusing.com/CDRipper/CDRipper.htm
To add MP3s to your player simply drag them onto the attached device.

Tablet keeps switching off?
2 most common reasons for the problem you are experiencing. Firstly, is the battery flat? The first charge for the tablet should be for at least 8 – 10 hours. Secondly, has the tablet turned off, or has it gone to standby mode, in which the screen goes black and is unresponsive? Hold down the silver ‘on’ button for about 3 seconds, and then it will resume as normal.

Do Sonix7 Players work With iTunes?
The players will play any iTunes encoded MP3s just fine. They will not, however, play any AAC or encoded tunes purchased from the iTunes music store.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Files – Will they play on my player?
No, only DRM free, unencrypted MP3 files.

How can I reset my Android 2.2 Tablet back to factroy settings?
1. Switch the tablet off. Either by using the ‘on/off’ switch on the top side of the tablet or by letting the battery run out.
2. Switch the tablet back on using the ‘on/off’ switch. Whilst the tablet is starting up hold down 2 buttons for about 10 seconds:

• the ‘home’ button, this is the button next to the ‘on/off’ switch and has a home icon by it (not the menu icon).
• the ‘back’ button, this is the circular button on the front of the tablet.
(please see the manual, device overview, for an illustration of the buttons)

3. The tablet will the start up in ‘recovery mode’.
4. Choose ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ from the menu (use the ‘menu/home’ buttons on the top to navigate the menu).
5. Choose ‘Yes’
6. Choose ‘reboot system now’

This will reset your tablet back to original factory settings, how it was when it left the factory.

Facebook app problems & general app compatibility
Although the majority of Google Market Apps work very well on the Android 2.2 tablet there are ocassional compatibility issues. Please look out for app updates at the Google Market for fixes.

Chinese characters on the 8″ Android 2.2 keyboard?
The bottom left button is the upper/lower case lock and the bottom right one is ‘Go’. This is expected to be updated in a future firmware.